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DIY Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging for Under $30

30 Jul Wireless charging Galaxy S4 on Palm Touchstone charger

If you have ever looked at buying a wireless charger for your Galaxy S4 then you know that they are pretty expensive. They normally cost about $80-$90. Why pay that much when you can do it yourself? I’m going to show you an easy way to do exactly that.
DIY Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging
First there are a few things you will need before you get started:

  • Palm Pixi Touchstone back cover
  • Palm Pre charging cable
  • Palm Touchstone charging dock
  • Copper tape (2 pieces 2 1/4 in. long, 2 pieces 3/4 in. long)

Tools needed:

    • Thin knife
    • Tape (clear or similar)
    • Sticky note or small piece of paper
    • Pen
    • Multimeter (optional)

So let’s get started, I will post mostly pictures and explain what and how to do it in the picture/video.
This is the Galaxy S4 and the Palm Pixi case. Once we are done you will be able to charge your Galaxy S4 on charger the same way that the Pixi case is sitting on the charger.

Galaxy S4 & Palm Pixi case
1. The first step of this Frankenstein mod is to remove the white plastic cover. You should be able to peel it up with your fingernail or thin knife. **Be careful when peeling the white cover off the components behind it may try to come off with it.** Set that aside you may want it later.
2. Next remove the rib cage metal sheet, again be careful not to rip it or pull to fast. Set this aside, you will need this later.
Palm Pixi case w/white cover removed
3. Now grab your knife and rip the corpse’s guts out gently pry under the circuit board until it pops up. Then gently pry under the corpse’s backbone copper coil, it has a lot of glue on it so it may take some extra effort.
Removing Palm Pixi case circuitry
4. Now, take your knife and remove the limbs 4 magnets. The limbs magnets are secured in there really well so they will take more effort to remove.
Removing Palm Pixi magnets
All of the Palm Pixi limbs/guts parts removed, ready for the Frankenstein mod 🙂
Palm Pixi components
Tools/parts needed to make it come ALIVE!
Palm Pixi to Galaxy S4
5. Remove your Frankenstein’s Galaxy S4 rib cage back cover.
Removing Galaxy S4 back cover
This where will connect the Tesla Coils Copper tape. This
Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging contacts
6. Fold the ribbon of Palm Pixi just as I have in the picture. If you need help folding it, refer to the video I show exactly how to.
7. Position the corpse’s Palm pixi’s guts circuit and coil on the Frankenstein’s Galaxy S4’s body cavity backplate as shown. (try to center with the camera hole)
Palm Pixi guts on Galaxy S4 back cover
8. Take the metal sheet and place it over the coil leaving about 1/4 of the coil exposed at the top. Grab your template that you made on the sticky note and position your magnets.
Magnet template
9. Now stitch tape the guts/limbs components in place.
Palm Pixi guts taped on S4 backplate
10. Take the paper off all four pieces of copper tape and fold one end over itself about 1/8 in. (example in the video)
Copper tape folded over itself
11. Place the 2 1/4 in. pieces of copper tape on the backplate as seen, with the folded end touching the ribbon contact.
Palm Pixi guts position on S4 backplate
12. Grab your 3/4 in. pieces of copper tape and place them on the Galaxy S4 body as demonstrated below.
Copper tape on Galaxy S4 body
13. Get a pen and press the copper tape onto the contacts. Not to hard though, you don’t want to damage the contacts.
Poking copper tape onto contatcts
Coper tape
This is about how everything should look before you snap the backplate back on. At this point, if you like you can put the white over the magnets and coil to clean the look up. I left it just the way it is.
Copper tape positions
14. This step is optional, it requires a multimeter. If you have one, place the backplate on the plugged in touchstone charger. Put your leads on the 2 contacts on the backplate and it should read at least 5.5 volts. This means it is ALIVE working.
Testing S4 backplate with multimeter
15. Replace the backplate, it should snap on easily with no problems. Now place it on the charger and you should get a pop-up message saying that you have placed your Galaxy S4 on a wireless charger. It’s ALIVE!!
Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging on Palm Toushstone charger
Wireless charging Galaxy S4 on Palm Touchstone charger
I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know what you think of it in the comment section. If you have any problems, first I would suggest to check the contact points on your copper tape and reposition as needed. If you have any further problems please let me know in the comments.